Women Test

What if coding jobs were made for you?

Welcome to the start of your journey of discovery of the coding professions!

Whether you are unemployed or in precarious employment, whether you have a degree or not, the job of developer may be for you, even if you have never thought about it before! If you have trouble distinguishing between digital and IT, or if you don't know what a developer does, don't worry! This discovery course is designed to enlighten you in a step-by-step, fun way.

First of all, we will break down one by one the clichés linked to the profession of developer, which are often the main obstacles to considering this profession. Then you will hear the testimonies of women who have been retrained in the IT development profession. Then, thanks to mini games, the digital world and some of these jobs will be highlighted. Finally, thanks to additional mini games, you will test your skills to find out if you are cut out to become a developer!