Training Course

Your Training to learn how to support women in retraining towards coding jobs !

Hello! Welcome to your training course!

We will focus on showing you the value of retraining leading towards careers in the software development industry, which is more remunerative, gives flexibility and is constantly in active search for new human resources. You will learn specifically how to support women seeking employment, even low-skilled women, in retraining towards coding jobs.

We will first break down the clichés about coding jobs one by one. We will then give the floor to women in IT who have had a professional retraining course. We will then offer you some mini-games to help you better understand the IT sector and the different jobs. Then, we will present you with some good practices for successful support, in the form of a serious game. Finally, we will give you tools to enhance this training in your professional career.

Ready? Here we go!